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This free wedding venue checklist has 160 important questions that you should ask your wedding venue before your big day.


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Why should I download the checklist?


The wedding venue checklist has 160 important questions for you to ask your wedding venue before your big day.


It will save you money and time, help you to expose any hidden costs and take away the stress that is usually linked to booking and dealing with a wedding venue.


Is the venue checklist going to be useful for me?


If you are in the early stages of your wedding planning and are still on the search for your dream wedding venue then the checklist will help you find your perfect venue easier and faster.


You will be armed to the teeth with the information you need to secure a cheaper deal from your venue and you will be able to spot any hidden costs from a mile away.


If you have already booked your wedding venue then the checklist will be an invaluable tool to help you understand exactly what is included with your wedding venue.


It will help you be prepared for all of your meetings with your venue co-ordinators and it will give you the questions that you need to ask to avoid any wedding nightmares.


If you are not getting married then you don't need to download this checklist.


Who wrote the checklist?


This wedding venue checklist was put together by James (owner of PianoDJ) and his wife Nina (director of PianoDJ).


They sat down one evening when they were planning their wedding and wrote down all of the questions that they were going to ask the wedding venues on their shortlist.


When they counted the list the next day, they had come up with 160 super important questions to ask!!


James and Nina have worked as wedding pianists/DJs in the wedding industry for over 10 years and have played at over 2000 weddings between them....I can tell you that this list leaves no stone unturned.


It took James 2 minutes to turn the list into a pdf download and he has shared it with couples ever since.


The wedding venue check list is the number 1 useful resource available from PianoDJ.


What is included?


Topics covered include...


General Questions



Wedding Staff

The Morning of your Wedding


Drinks Reception

Wedding Breakfast

Evening Reception

The Morning After



Download Your Free Checklist Now!